Bishop Marc’s Call for Congregational Vitality

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ in the Diocese of California,

In our Congregational Vitality webinar on September 13, I asked you to consider making a continuing commitment to work together to develop growth strategies for the Episcopal Church in our diocese. This is not new work, but has been bubbling up since well before I arrived. From the diocesan profile that called for a new bishop in 2005, to our collective Beloved Community Visioning process, the people of this diocese have continuously placed a high value on congregational vitality, and your bishop and diocesan staff hold this as our central mission in the work we do everyday.

This Advent, your diocesan staff and I will provide new tools for teams from your congregations to continue this work in collaborative ways. It is my sincere hope that you will assemble your best and brightest to join us as we embark on this mutual learning beginning December 8.

I am writing now to ask you to take this next step with us. By clicking the link below, you will be taken to a web page to register your congregation’s team. These teams will be asked to join us monthly at locations around the diocese, either in person or online. The teams will be asked to do work between the meetings, providing case studies of vibrant ministries that they encounter in their own congregational settings. They will also be invited to be open to the working of the Holy Spirit, as we respond together to God’s call to mission.

Your diocesan staff is looking forward to this time of new collaboration and new growth.


Bishop Marc
Congregational Vitality Team commitment form


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