Grow My Church!

At the October 15th Membership Growth Team Workshop at St. Clare’s, Rev Ron Culmer told us about the Grow My Church program.

Here is the background information we promised:



Every Sunday thousands of people leave church and never come back.

Here in North America, 80% of our churches are not growing.

That means yours is probably one of them.    

The reasons are not always simple, but there are solutions.

Grow My Church! is a new church renewal program designed to help stop the slide and rebuild declining congregations.  It’s a practical self-assessment tool designed to stimulate introspection and growth by combining sage advice from leading congregational development experts with a practical, easy-to-use format to help you evaluate your ministry and take steps to improve.

Grow My Church! is a low-cost alternative to consulting firms and can help congregations identify their challenges and develop a productive course of action.  Once finished, churches usually have a much better idea of where their growing edges lie and are thus better equipped to take further steps to address them.

The course leads your group through key areas of congregational life essential for health and vitality: leadership, purpose, worship, spirituality, service, fellowship, generosity, hospitality and invitation.  During the course, your church will develop its own personalized Congregational Growth Plan, which includes attainable goals and realistic expectations.

Grow My Church! is designed for a small group of 6-10 participants.  It includes a DVD with 4 hours of teaching, and companion CD featuring course outlines, worksheets, and appendices rich in practical information.

Grow My Church! is written by Chris Yaw, an experienced pastor who has a heart for building healthy congregations.  He is the author of several books and articles and holds degrees from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Cost:  $298 (plus s/h). Money back guarantee

Your church does not have to continue its downward slide.  You may be able to bring renewal to your faith community.  Learn more at  Then think about it, pray about it, and take a first step towards a healthier congregation.


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