New Pew Forum Report on Asian American Faith Experiences

Asian Americans are contributing to the rich diversity of America’s changing religious experience. In 1965 Asian Americans comprised less than 1% of the total U.S. population.  Today they have grown to 5.8% or 18.2 million according to the U.S. Census).  While growth has taken place in non-Abrahamic faith traditions especially Buddhism and Hinduism most Asian Americans are either Christians (42%) or say they have no particular religious affiliation (26%).

The Pew Report says Asian Americans offer a ‘mosaic of many faiths’ with the six major subgroups reflecting different choices of faith tradition.  A majority of Filipino Americans are Catholic, a majority of Korean Americans are Protestant. While about half of Indian Americans are Hindu, half of Chinese Americans are unaffiliated.  A sizable number of Vietnamese Americans are Buddhist, and Japanese Americans are a mix of Christians, Buddhists and the unaffiliated.

In the work of the Church Growth Program analysis of census data will found this diversity offered plenty of opportunity among the ‘unchurched’.

Check out this new Pew Report on Asian American faith experiences.

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