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Ghiberti doors, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco...

Ghiberti Doors, Grace Cathedral via Wikipedia

Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you and how good he has been to you.

Mark 5:19

The Membership Growth Team is an ever-widening circle of people across the Diocese who are rolling up our sleeves to do God’s work to meet the mission and ministry needs of the church.

To achieve the fast-track 120 days initial action planning process the Team is composed of four members of the Executive Council who will serve as its steering committee.

We are reaching out to others to join our team and we expect this Church Growth Program to be a lay-driven initiative of people drawn widely across the Diocese.

Like the great Ghiberti Doors on Grace Cathedral ready for feast days and great celebrations we hope this Church Growth Program will unleash a new spirit of welcome, inclusion, growth and celebration across the Diocese of California

So expect this list to grow.  If you feel called to this challenging effort please join us by leaving a message with your contact information in the comment section below or call Gary Hunt or any of the Executive Council members on the team:


Gary L Hunt, CONVENER,

925-352-8548 (mobile); 925-552-6602 (home)

Member of Executive Council

Contra Costa Deanery – St. Timothy’s Danville


The Rev Canon Michael Barlowe,


Diocesan Staff


Gabriela Strand Bruce,


Member of the Executive Council

San Francisco Deanery – Grace Cathedral


The Rev Ron Culmer

(925) 462-4802

Rector, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, Pleasanton

Southern Alameda Deanery


J. Davey Gerhard

Holy Innocents, San Francisco

San Francisco Deanery


Julia McCray-Goldsmith,


Diocesan Staff


The Rev. Debra L Low-Skinner,

(925) 447-3289

Interim Rector- St Bartholomew’s Livermore

Southern Alameda Deanery


Ken Letsch ,


Alameda Deanery: Christ Church, Alameda


The Rev. Christopher Martin,


Member of Executive Council ; Rector-St. Paul’s San Rafael

Marin Deanery – St. Paul’s, San Rafael


Steve Mason,,


Vestry Member-Evangelism & Church Growth, St. Timothy’s, Danville

Contra Costa Deanery: St. Timothy’s Danville


Jenny Moss ,


Alameda Deanery: Christ Church, Alameda


Richard Patenaude,


Member of Executive Council

Southern Alameda Deanery – Holy Cross, Castro Valley


The Rev. Aris Rivera


Vicar of St. Alban’s Brentwood

Contra Costa Deanery, St. Alban’s Brentwood


The Rev. Kathy Trapani


Interim Rector, St. Timothy’s Danville

Contra Costa Deanery


The Rev. John F. Trubina,

(415) 517-5646

Southern Alameda Deanery Deacon, St. Clare’s Pleasanton


Earl Clinton Williams, Jr

Alameda Deanery: St. James, Oakland


One response to “Team Members”

  1. Gary L Hunt says :

    ALL ARE WELCOME TO BE PART OF THIS MEMBERSHIP GROWTH TEAM! Please let us know you want to be a member of our team or just show up at any of our meetings and jump right in–we will add you to the list.

    We are especially eager to expand the lay leadership on this team and to have representation from across the Deaneries.

    Our first Membership Growth Workshop is Saturday, September 17th 9am to 2pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, San Rafael, CA

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